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Antifreeze colors and Killerglass

Solution Killerglass takes its most of its color from the color of the antifreeze. The LED kit is to help accent the UV dye in the antifreeze. Use the same color LED as your antifreeze for best results.


Antifreeze comes in a few colors

Red, Blue pink or Green

We recommend the highest quality products available for best performance
The color LED should be the same as the antifreeze for best results.
To enhance antifreeze colors a drop or two of food color will add some depth to the color without any adverse reactions

Blue antifreeze is made by BMW and Engine Ice, Engine ice is the absolute best antifreeze our on staff chemist has tested. You can purchase it at the Engine Ice website and many motorcycle shops , mention Killerglass when ordering.
BMW is a very dark blue antifreeze and can be purchased at any BMW car dealer.

Green antifreeze is the most common and in our opinion looks the most radical of all colors glowing like a nuclear reactor. Green is made by world famous Prestone.
Dodge/Chrysler also make s dark green antifreeze that looks like lifesaver candy. Can be found at any Dodge dealer

Red and Pink antifreeze Toyota makes two antifreeze colors.

Red is called "long life" antifreeze thats the color of blood.
pn# 00272=1LLAC-01
$21.37 gal (mix with distilled or deionized water)

Pink antifreeze is called "extended life" that comes in most new model Toyota and the Scions.
pn# 00272-5LLC2

$16.82 gal (pre mixed, needs no water
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